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November 10, 2010
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[Around a month or two ago, a group of a dozen different anthro ladies participated in the First Annual Bikini Snoring Contest.  They were as follows: a dragon, a unicorn, a fox/vixen, a rabbit, a sheep, a tiger, a parrot, a wolf, a cow, an iguana, a leopard, and a zebra.  A group of nocturnal animals had them put to sleep by Jigglypuff, they listened to their snores, and judged each lady on both her physical beauty as well as her sleeping vocal talents.  The winner of the contest was the dragon when she snored out fire.  Today, all of them gather at another beach to be apart of the First Annual Bikini Belly-Button Contest.]

Each of the anthro ladies eagerly awaitted the coming of this new bikini contest.  They had been told by their agents that it would be a great opportunity for all of them.  But what they were not told was that in the contest they would be judged on their bellybuttons along with their personal sexiness.  Soon, the bus they were riding on reached its stop; and each of the women walked out one by one.  They were truly a sight to behold!  Each of them wore a bright beautiful (some of them unique) bikini.
"Oh, boy!  This is going to be so much fun!" said the vixen.
"Calm down," said the unicorn smiling. "Save your energy for the contest."
"Do you think this contest might involve something weird like that last one we did?" asked the parrot.
"We'll find out as soon as we're called over there," said the tiger.
"Boy, that last contest was a contest I'll never forget..." muttered the sheep.
A few minutes later, some voices came over the speakers.
"Ladies, are you ready?"
"The contest is gonna start in 5 more minutes!"

With that said, each anthro lady hurried towards the arena where they would be judged for the contest.  When they got there they tilted their heads up toward the banister.  A puzzled look formed on all of their faces.
"'BIKINI BELLY-BUTTON CONTEST'?  What kind of a competition is this?" asked the cow, reading the sign.
"I suppose the judges stare at our bellybuttons and decide who's is the best..." guessed the wolf.
"How exactly do they judge our bellybuttons?  Do they choose who's looks cuter?  Do they give us points depending on the shape?  Or is it something more?" questioned the iguana.
"I think it may actually depend on what different things we can do with our bellybuttons," explained the dragon.  "Like animals performing tricks at those pet shows."
"Doing tricks with our bellybuttons is certainly going to become eye-candy for everyone watching," said the zebra.
"I'm not exactly sure where this idea came from, but this navel fetish is probably bound to become a bikini contest icon for future competitions," said the rabbit.
"It could be because of the fact that a lot of bikinis do tend to show off a lot of bellybuttons..." said the leopard.  "And those umbilical markings certainly draw in most of the attention for one's tummy!"
Each of the ladies glanced down at their exposed tummies and bare bellies.  They all looked at and observed the cavities that their umbilical cords had left behind.  Each anthro girl had an innie that had no piercing whatsoever.  Half of them stuck a finger or two inside the holes in their tummies and cleaned out any dirt and debris that might've been in there.  After that they stepped out to be judged for the contest.
"'Hello, and welcome to the first annual Bikini Belly-Button Contest!  We are very excited to feature all of the twelve competitors of various species that were contestants in the first Bikini Snoring Contest!  We are so privilaged to have these women show off their gorgeous figures to us all along with their skills at splitting ends!'"
"'In a few more moments, each and every one of these lovely ladies will be just upon not just their physical beauty, but also on their personal talents and abilities that were bestowed within the holes upon their tummies!  I can't wait for it!'"

Each of the women stood next to one another side-by-side, each of them baring a cute, sexy, heartwarming smile.  The first one who stepped up to be judged was the leopard.
"'Okay, the leopard is coming out to let us see her navel!  Hmmm...  It's quite narrow vertically and fairly well toned...  Oh, what is this, now?  It's seems her navel is becoming rounder...  Now...  Wow...  Her navel is now a narrow horizontal oval!  That's interesting...  A bellybutton that can be round or narrow in any direction...  Very interesting...'"
The leopard smiled, did a gesture with her hand, and walked back to the line of ladies.  The second one who walked out was the vixen, who wore the most revealing bikini.  The bottoms of her two-piece swimming suit were so thin, the portion that hid her groin was the only part that could really be made out from a far.  Even at a close distance, the strings that went around her waist were still sometimes hard to notice.  It was pratically a thong.  The same thing went for her top as well.  The strings around her backside weren't always visible, and her bra cups didn't quite contain her breasts completely.  The bottom of both her breasts lay uncoverd and exposed.  She had her hands on hips with her thumbs and fingers facing forward with a very friendly wide-eyed, open-mouthed smile.
"'Oooh, this vixen sure is a hottie!  She's sure enthusiastic of showing off her bare body!  Look at all that skin and fur!!!'"
"'Yeah, her bellybutton sure is alone and isolated from that tini-weeny bikini!  But speaking of which, can she do anything with that navel of hers?'"
"'Let's watch.  Oh, wow!  Her navel is shrinking!  Her bellybutton's so alone, it must be self-conscious and trying to hide away from the crowd within her tummy.  It's kind of a sad sight to see.  The vixen's stomach looks awfully flat and plan without her bellybutton...  Oh, wait!  Her navel's coming out of it's shell!  It's slowly growing back for us to see!  Hm...  The vixen's got her fingers around the rim of her bellybutton; is she gonna start picking the inside?'"
"'I don't think she is; she seems to be pulling the rim and...  Oh, now I see!  She's stretching out her bellybutton!  Let's see how stretchy that thing is--  Whoa!  Look at that!  Look at that excess skin or, is that really excess skin...?  I certainly didn't see any flabiness around her navel or any part of her stomach.  Is it possible that she could be...'"
"'Nevermind.  She's just got a reeaallly stretchy bellybutton.'"
"'She sure does.'"
"'I don't know about stretchy, but she's got what I would call a growing/shrinking navel.
"'Oh, now what is she doing?  Hmmmm...  She's fitting coins into her bellybutton.'"
"'With a bellybutton like that, she's probably bound to fit a ton of quarters inside that thing.'"
"'She's already filled her navel up with over fifteen of them and there's still a lot of room left for her to fit more in!  Good lord, look at all that clutter!  I've practically lost count now!'"
"'So've I!  She can fit a lot of things inside her bellybutton!'"
"'She sure can!  With that said, let's see a new contestant's navel!'"

With a giggle, the vixen stepped back to her spot so that another woman could be judged by the viewers.  That next woman was the beautiful green parrot.  She seemed to be the most eager to be judged.  She had her eyes bugging out and was quietly squawking and squealing and jitterly jumping around.  Her bikini had images of pom trees, sunshine, and sky.
"'Boy, that bellybutton-bikini-birdy-beauty sure doesn't want to keep her beak shut!  She must really have something she wants to show us!'"
"'Right you are!  So let's not keep her waiting and observe this avian!'"
"'This girl's bellybutton is beautifully colorful!  Her feathers certainly add a flash of razzel-dazzel to her prettiness!'"
"'Say, is her bellybutton seeping in or poking out?  The inside looks relatively flat.'"
"'I'm not sure, from this distance, it's hard to tell..."
"'Hey, is she about to eat something?  What is that?  Well, whatever it is, she's swallowed it, but unless it had a purpose, then I don't see how...'"
"'Hold on a second!  She's looking down at her navel...'"
"'Hey...  It's changing color!  I guess parrots get their coloring from whatever they eat in their diet.  Whatever it was she ate, her bellybutton is turning so many different kinds of colors!!!  It's a pure delight to watch!'"

The parrot's bellybutton flashed several more colors before finally returning to its normal bright green hue.  After that, the parrot took her place among the line of women as the zebra stepped up to where the others ladies had performed.  She stepped holding her hands together in front of her and smiled like a shy, quiet, cutie.
"'Aww...  Look at her!  She's so cute n' shy!  She makes herself adorable!'"
"'Oh, yeah!  Is she gonna move her wrists so we can see her navel?  Maybe she's got a real cutie!'"
"'Oooohhh...  Aaaawwww...!  Look at that bellybutton!  She definitely has a real cutie!  The cutest as cute can be!  That has got to be the most cute, beautiful, sexy (and maybe softest?) bellybutton ever recorded in bikini contest history!!!!!'"
"'I don't know if she has any trick she can do, but her cuteness certainly speaks for itself!'"
"'Well, it seems she's holding her fingers near her bellybutton to keep it open or something and she's slowly slipping another finger inside her bellybutton and I'm not sure...  Wait, what was that?'"
"'It sounded like someone snapping their fingers.  She seems like she's picking, or flicking her bellybutton, and I'm hearing that snapping sound everytime she quickly removes her finger from her bellybutton.'"
"'I think it's coming from that zebra's bellybutton.  It appears she's able to make her bellybutton snap like a rubberband.  Very interesting.'"

After showing off her cute bellybutton for a few more minutes, the zebra finally stepped aside to let another woman perform.  The fifth volunteer to perform in her bikini with her bellybutton was the brown cow.  She was one of the few that had a really fancy bikini.  Unlike most, it was made very differently than a lot of the others.  The portions of her bikini that contained her giant breasts and covered her privates had lovely light tints of blue and red.  They were as blue as the sky and as pink as a rose.  The parts of her bikini that went around her waist, back, and up over her shoulders were what seemed like light sky blue pearly marbles connected by a soft, strange wire.  There was even one of these spheres right between her breasts.
"'How now, Brown Cow; that is one fashinable bikini!  It looks valuable!'"
"'Totally!  That girl must have some real class of elegance and suave.  I wonder what kind of home she lives in...  Maybe she's a princess!'"
"'Heheh...  Well, let's not go too far with her (though her breasts are bigger than any of the other competitors...)  Let's take a look a what's between those two bikini pieces.'"
"'Right.  So, she's got a nice looking stomach.  I like her navel's round shape; it fits well with those pearls or marbles on her swimming suit.  Hmmm...  What does she have in mind with her bellybutton?  I see her staring at it a putting her hands around it.  She appears to be pushing her hands together, squeezing her bellybutton to a pulp...  Why?  Does she have a pimple in there or is she trying to make her navel look flabby?'"
"'No.  Now that I look at it closely, her navel seems to be vibrating like some sort of an earthquake or some creature trying to burst out of there...'"
"'Wow, judges!  I think she just popped out her bellybutton!  And speaking of the contraction of the two words "button" and "belly", this cow has pratically given herself a button on her belly!  She's popped her bellybutton from being an innie to an outie!  And to be one-hundred percent honest, I think she actually looks better with an outie than she does with an innie.'"
"'I couldn't agree more!  Oh, now she's pushing her bellybutton back inward; just like a real button on her belly!  Now that is a true "belly button"!'"
"'Now that you say that, I can't help but pray that she pops her bellybutton back outward and keeps it that way for awhile...'"

Hearing that comment, the cow smiled and kindly popped her bellybutton back out again for the crowd; and this time, she left it sticking out.  She inhaled for a moment; then pleasantly exhaled.  The cow sighed happily as she let the majestic, lavender unicorn take the stand.  Her completely blue bikini had a sort of beady-like strands that went around her waist, back, and between her breasts kind of like the cow's but it wasn't really anything fancy.  She waved to the crowd as she stepped up to the plate.
"'Well, it looks like it was time for the other farm-house animals to come out and be judged!'"
"'Well, she's not quite a horse.  She's a bit more than that with that horn protruding from her temple.'"
"'Of course she is!  She's a graceful, majestic, whimsical unicorn!  And do I like her narrow six-pack!  Hm...  She has an interesting navel...  Sort of horizontal to a slight degree with a nice looking rim at the top.  She seems to be doing what the cow was doing with her bellybutton.  I guess cows and horses share a lot more in common that I thought!'"
"'Don't judge her to quickly, pal!  She seems to be folding it inwards or something like that.  Now, her bellybutton's been folded into her abs from what it seems, but what could she be doing?'"
"'She's repeating the same question you just asked, and alternatingly opening her bellybutton vertically and horizontally while she simultaneously says each syllible.  It appears this unicorn has a cootie-catching bellybutton!  Now that's something you don't see every day!'"

After she was done catching cooties with her bellybutton, the unicorn went back to join the rest of the ladies.  Now, it was the dragon's turn.  She stepped out with a dazzeling smirk on her face as her mostly-black bikini displayed images of yellow fire.
"'Ooh...  This girl's got a fire in her belly!  With any luck, she might even have a fire in her bellybutton!'"
"'Well, I don't know if we'll be seeing that, but the twisted skin design she has inside that circular bellybutton of hers certainly is intruiging...'"
"'Say, now that you mention fire and twisted bellybutton skin, I think her bellybutton may actually be glowing!  That rose-in-spring design inside her bellybutton is becoming bright orange!  And where did the dragon get that cigarette she's holding between her fingers from?!  Is that suppose to be part of the trick too?'"
"'I believe we're about to get our answer.  She's sticking the tobacco end of it into her bellybutton.  Now, she's taking the cigarette out of her navel and putting it in her mouth.  Oh, now she's smokin' that thing!'"
"'Well, I guess the dragon does have something of a heater or a lighter in her bellybutton.'"
"'Oh, wait!  Now, I get it!  Her bellybutton is a cigarette lighter!  I wonder if all dragons can do that or if she's the only one...'"

After the cigarette became too short to use anymore, the dragon took the cigarette out from her mouth, put it out inside her bellybutton where she had also litten it, and stepped aside for the next contestant to perform.  The rabbit cracked her neck and stepped out before the judges.
"'Whoo, this bunny's got some tough stuff!  She ain't posin' to look cute, she posin to look strong!'"
"'Don't mock her!  You might regret it...'"
"'I don't see how she's gonna attack us from where we are.  I mean-- Ow!  What was that?!!?'"
"'It looks like a seed from a seedpod...'"
"'I know that, but where'd it come from?!'"
"'Actually, I think it may have come from the rabbit...  Yup!  Her bellybutton is spitting out seeds at us.  Talk about a straight shooter!'"
"'Hey, now she's cramming a bean in her bellybutton!  She's sucking her navel in, and...  Whoo-hoo!  Look at that mark!  Don't ask her to put gun powder n' bullets in her bellybutton.  Or else you're gone!'"

After having fun with the judges, the rabbit smirked, shrugged her shoulder, and let the next lady perform.  The wolf took her spot as the ninth competitor in the contest.  She was wearing an incredibly stylish bikini that really seemed to fit her personality.  It was as fancy as the cow's (if not quite possibly more), but not quite in the same context.  It was a very dark blue with bright marigold spikes on her top with a shimmering skull right between the breasts.  A glittering gold bracing went around her waist.  She bore the most seductive face of all the girls.  She smiled seducingly, baring her pointy canine teeth and running her tongue across her gums.  Her eyes gave viewers a very intimidated feeling inside.  She kept her elbows bent with her hands holding her waist as she sort of hunched over in a bit of an akward, yet very sexy, stooped position.
"'Ooh...  This wolfy girl wants to play, does she...?'"
"'I don't know, but dude...  That is one *BAD-ASS* bikini!!'"
"'Hey, girl!  Maybe you and I can hang out sometime...'"
"'Dude, get a hold of yourself!  Don't forget, we have some judging to do.'"
"'Oh, yeah, right...  Ahem...  Anyway what exactly does her navel have in store for us?'"
"'Hm...  Almost shaped like an egg...  Not that distinguishable but still nice looking.  I don't know what can make her navel as much of a specticle as the others but--'"
"'Shh!  Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sshhhhh...  Listen...'"
"'Listen...  Do you hear that faint howling???'"
"'Yeah.  Yeah, what is that?  Is that the wolf, because if it is, how is she doing it without moving her lips or her jaw?'"
"'It's growing louder and louder!  But...  Wait!  Whoa...  It's coming from her navel!  Her bellybutton's a ventriloquist!!!'"
"'Wow...  I don't know how her bellybutton could pratically speak, but this canines obviously got some vocal cords hidden within her tummy!'"
"'Well, her bellybutton still retained some oral functions even after she stopped feeding through there, if not possibly gained a different ability!  That may be a bit much, but... there you have it!'"

The grey wolf, with her hands still on her hips, swayed her waist and belly around in a "come hither" movement, flashed her bright white teeth to the crowd once more, and tip-toed back to her spot swishing her tail and moving her heiny back & forth.  The judging of the girls was almost over.  There were just three more ladies left.  The next one that walked up to the judging platform to perform this time was the tiger.  She had probably the most creative bikini out of all of them.  Instead of being made of the usual fabric used for creating swimming suits, or built from a really fancy material with a really cool look like the cow's and the wolf's, the tiger's bikini was pratically loincloth that came from her own jungle habitat.  She was visually the tallest and most muscular out of all the women competing in the contest.  She stood in place before the judges breathing deeply as her abs continued to move in and out.
"'Whoa...  What do you think this cat does in her off time?  My guess is she either goes hiking through her rain forest home or she has a gynasium where she's constantly working out her body...'"
"'Did she make her own bikini?  Because if she did, the effort certainly shows.'"
"'That's not the only thing that shows, you know.'"
"'Well, no kidding!  She's in a bikini, showin' off her stomach for all of us to see, and... do I need to say she's got a really big bellybutton?  You fit your whole thumb in that thing and leave an imprint inside there!'"
"'Man, that navel is really an eye-catcher!  Look at how well-toned that bellybutton rim is!  And you can actually see the muscle formations inside where her navel skin is comprised of ridges!'"
"'Oh, what's she holding?  It looks like a solid marble or something.  Boy, I don't know what she's plannin' on doin' with that thing but she's eyein' it with quite a kinky look in her eye!'"
"'Well, right now, she's fitting that sphere into her bellybutton.  Okay, now it's inside.  Oh, now she's lying down on her back.'"
"'Well, she certainly looks laid back n' sexy sprawled out on the floor!'"
"'Keep on dreamin'!  She's performing a sit-up now; or a crunch, whatever you wanna call it.  Her bellybutton is closing up with the little crystal ball inside.  I don't know what she's--'"
"'What the hell?!!  Did some vandal just break a window?!  I heard glass shattering!'"
"'Hold on; the tiger's smirking at you after what you said.  Okay, she's moving her head and thorax back down on the ground again.  Her navel is reopening...  Oh my God!  Look!!!'"
"'By the rings of Saturn!  That tiger just crushed that crystal marble with her bellybutton and there's not so much of even a hint of her navel scarring from that impact!!'"
"'Boy, I don't know exactly what kind of exercise she's able to do with her bellybutton or how she's able to do any exercise at all in that thing, but good golly, that's got to be the world's biggest & strongest navel in existence!'"

The tiger did a slight bow to her audience, and then moved for the eleventh combatant to take her shot at performing.  The one of the two remaing ladies that went up now was the iguana; which meant that the last one who would be performing after her would be the sheep.  Out of all the others, the iguana glowed like a radiant emerald in the scorching sunshine.  She had beautiful green scales all throughout her gorgeous body.  She had probably the sharpest look out of all the women.  And the spikes on her head that ran down her back to the end of her tail really added to that fact.
"'Hmm.  This iguana looks like she means serious business.'"
"'Well, I'm not sure how we're suppose to take anything in this contest seriously, but we have a contest to finish so let's start studying her.'"
"'Right.  Well, she's got a nice scaly body with a shimmering glint in the sunlight.  I think she must've shed her skin recently...  She reminds me of some jewelry I once got for my wife.'"
"'That's a nice story, judge.  Why don't we concentrate a bit more on Lizzie-girl here by admiring her own jewel-like skin?  In fact, I think she's got a bellybutton piercing!  There's light sparkling and lumminating from there.'"
"'Um...  I don't think she's wearing any navel jewelry in there from where I'm sitting.  Look at her bellybutton from my angle.'"
"'Hey, you're right!  But how can her navel be doing that?  She's an iguana, not the dragon we saw from before.'"
"'I think this lizard's got a solar powered bellybutton.  Her navel is harnessing the energy from the suns radiation.  Look at it now!  Her bellybutton is producing mini solar flares!'"
"'Well, in that case, it's a good thing she wasn't wearing any silver or metal jewelry.  Her navel's magnetic storms would've ripped those valuables out of her darling flesh!  At least, by logic, I think they would.'"
"'Well, whatever would've or might've happened, she put on quite an eye-sore that was a real shine for the camera with her scaly bellybutton!  And I mean that in the best possible way!  I hope she looks like this every time she's done shedding her old scales!  That way, she'll always be a beautiful beacon for bellybuttons n' bikinis!'"
"'Yup!  But let's waste no more time!  We still have one more gal to see!  Let us get down to the end of line!

The iguana did a quick jerk with her tushie and politely stepped aside so that the twelfth and final contestant could stand before the viewers; the sheep.  The sheep trotted to the center of the stage and took a deep breath as she began to perform.
"'Boy, she is really taking her time.'"
"'Well, being the last one left, she does needs some time in so she can think and concentrate about how she's suppose to compete with all those previous displays and decide what navel trick she's going to perform in order to... well, at least "attempt" to top all the previous bellybutton abilities anyway.'"
"'She may have a really cool bellybutton trick in store for us, but personally, I don't see anyway how she can compete with any of the last few navel abilities.'"
"'Well, my parents used to say the best part comes at the end.  I'm willing to see if there's any grand finale in this competition...'"
"'Well, all that she's doing right now is... making her belly ripple...  I don't know what bikini contest she thinks this is, but it's a bikini contest for bellybuttons not belly dancing.'"
"'Don't sell her out too quickly, bro!  Right now it's just simple vibrations, but it might build up over time and become more and more astonishing...  Ooh-ooh, she's starting to send waves down her tummy!'"
"'But what does this have to do with her bellybutton?  If she was "bellybutton dancing," then I'd be more intruiged, but--'"
"'Be quiet.  There are multiple waves rippling across her torso.  Not just down her belly but even up her belly all at once!  Boy, those waves don't seemed to be fazed when they roll over her bellybutton or even when they come in contact with one another!'"
"'Shut up and be silent!  She's not done yet.  Ooooh...!!  Look at her bellybutton now!  Watch that hole in her tummy jiggle around!  It's so beautiful to watch shifting back, and forth, and back, and forth, and back, and forth, and--'"
"'Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!  Look at the women!  They're turning drowsy!  It...  What a mintute...  Is the sheep making this happen?  Her bellybutton's swaying from side to side like a swinging pendulum...  Could this be...?  Is this...?  Is her navel... actually... hypnotic???  How in the world is this possible...?  Jeez, Louise...  Look at those women dose...  That zebra has quite a body stretch...  Hehe... the leopard's trying to keep herself awake by leaning on her shoulder...  I don't know how that'll help her but she can try...  The cows got a nice yawn and the iguana looks pretty while rubbing her eye...  Aaaawwwwwwww...!  Look at that cute wittle puppy-dog face on that carnivorous canine...  One second, she's feircesome and bad-ass, but hypnotise her or give her something, and wolfy goes down like a darling lil' pup...  Seeing her with that precious face and drooping ears while wearing that gangster-style bikini actually makes her look cuter than any of the other women on stage!  I mean it!  Maybe I'll ask her out when the contest is over...  
{Oh, wait a sec!  I saw her make the same face in the Bikini Snoring Contest!  Oh... yeah...  I wasn't a judge at that competition; I was only a spectator.  I became so lovestruck by her adorable falling-asleepy face, I just dragged her away to rub her tummy and give her bellybutton kisses while she was passed out from Jigglypuff's song...  But I returned her in time before she woke up and left behind a bottle of perfume for her to keep!  But I didn't do anything naughty or painful to her physically or emotionally...  If only I had the courage to ask her-- No!  I will ask her out!  And it will be a night for her!  I'll treat her like she was my little sister or the Queen of England...}  Of course the fox is making a similar facial expression too, but the wolf's is by far the most heartwarming...  Mmm...  The purring of the jungle tiger makes this entire moment all the more surreal...  I mean it.  The whole scenery of this sight is practically a masterpiece in its own right.'"
"'I guess this means we have a winner...'"

The judges marched forth to present the sheep her gold medel.  She laughed delightfully when she saw it.  It was round of course, like most medals were.  But engraved on it was a bunch of bent curvy lines, both think and thin, running along side-by-side and intersecting each other.  The surface of the medal was bumpy, smooth, and sunken in, with strange looking hills, ramps and canyons embedded in the features.  It was basically a big, golden bellybutton.  She smiled as they place it over her head.  The sheep looked at it proudly while it hung around her neck.  She turned her attention back up again and gave a speech before all the viewers watching and listening.
"I'm very happy to win this 1st place medal.  I didn't really know what I was going to do to remain on par with the others.  I entered a Bikini Snoring Contest with all eleven of these women quite recently and I was really nervous about doing it because I didn't want to do anything too weird.  I felt the exact same way when I entered this Bikini Belly-Button Contest; that is after I figured out exactly what it was we were being judged for...  But after this victory, I feel so much better about these beach competitions.  I really, truely am pleased and grateful to have been apart of the first of this type of bikini contest and am very proud to have such a unique bellybutton that everyone can admire.  If anyone knows of a Bikini Belly Dancing Contest taking place anywhere, don't be afraid to talk to me about it.  I would be absolutely delighted to participate in a contest like that and belly dance again in my bikini for all to see.  If anyone wanted to come just to see my bellybutton again or watch me hypnotise any other women, I wouldn't mind a bit.  But aside from my navel emerging victorious in this event today, I'm just happy to have been in this competion.  Why did I join?  It wasn't to win; it was just for a chance to have fun.  That's why me and all of these lovely ladies accepted our invitations and agreed to be in this as well as the primary reason why I said I'd join a belly dancing contest.  I know all of these girls, and they know me.  Even if we receive a poor score from the people that are judging us, we never let it boggle down our sense of pride.  If we did, we really would be losers, even if we did come out as number one.  Don't try to focus on winning or looking the best.  Just try to be yourself while being good to other individuals and treat them nicely just like you would want to be treated.  Keep to your priorities, don't do drugs or drink alcohol, and eventually, you'll reach your goals.  I hope you all remember these words I've just said and learn to embrace them.  Because as long as you stay true to yourself, you never a complete failure.  If there's one thing my mom and dad taught me when I was a little young lamb, 'never let misfortunes control your actions; do not let your looks determine your personality.  Follow your heart, not your mind.  Your soul is your best friend.  It will never be your enemy.  You may doubt yourself at some point, but the biggest failure of is when you give up without putting in a single ounce of effort.  If you at least give it a shot, then you'll still be left with some sense of dignity inside of you.  Don't ever give it away or let anyone take that from you.  If you lose all dignity, you'll lose all hope.  And if you havn't got even a single cell of hope in your mind or heart, you've got no chance.  You're finished.'"
After the sheep had given the deepest, innermost lecture she could've ever mustered up off the top of her head with no preparation, or any words whatsoever, the sheep gave a huge inhale followed by a deep exhale.  Speaking for as long as she did without even without having a clue of what she would say forced her to run out of breath.  She was very, very exhausted and the fact that all of the other eleven woman were still sleeping (some of which were snoring) made her feel sleepy herself.  She gave a much needed stretch, raised her arms up high in the sky, flexed her bellybutton and moaned a little bit.  After a few minutes of silence, she spoke to the judges.
"I don't mean to be sound rude and if you interpret it that way, I apologize.  After competing with butterflies in my stomach throughout this whole contest, bellydancing like how I did with my tummy, performing hypnosis with my bellybutton, and running my mouth for so long, I haven't got a much breath left in my lungs...  If I'm going to restore my oxygen level, I think I'm going to need a nap like the one my navel bestowed upon the women..."
"No problem, Miss.  You deserve it.  Sweet dreams, girl.  You've earned this."
"Thank you.  I really appreciate this..."
The sheep lay down on her backside with her abs and her medal facing the sun.  One individual who organized this contest gave her a pillow to rest her head on while another massaged her shoulders and gave her a belly rub (as well as nuzzled her navel).
"Mmmmmm...  Ooooooooohhh...  Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
The sheep with the now, prize-winning bellybutton moaned and sighed as she slowly closed her eyes and began to drift off into Dream Land...
I wrote this story for :iconnayzor:. He told me that the sheep should probably win. He wanted her trick to be by putting the girls to sleep using hypnosis with her navel. He loves the thought of sleeping bikini clads!

The idea of this came from a snoring contest that Nayzor had commissioned from :iconeggplantm:
Here is the comic sketch on Deviantart: [link]

(Here's a better picture of the image on Furaffinity: [link] )
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